Monday, September 27, 2010

Snow Joe Roof Rake

I had to add this product to the site.The Snow Joe roof rake is a dam good reputable brand,and a trust worthy for removing roof snow with ease.It's a 21 Foot Snow Rake that you won't be dissapointed in.

I like using snow joe roof rakes because I have a tall house,and this rake is easier to use on ladders,than the other brands.

I've had my Snow Joe Roof rake for several years now,and I'm sure I'll have it for many more.

If you're looking for an all around snow rake,then try the snow joe roof rakes.They have worked for me.

My neighbor also loves the snow joe roof rakes.He bought his son one,for when he purchased a new home.

Preventing Ice Dams With Heavy Duty Snow Roof Rakes

Wanted to let you know about the Garelick 21 Foot Snow Trap.This baby is heavy duty snow rake,and can withstand the pressure of taking big bites of snow.The only way to prevent ice dams,is to prevent that snow on the roof from becoming compacted,and thus turning it into ice,or melting,to yet freeze.So take the preventative measure and remove snow from your roofs,in order to avoid an ice dam in the first place.So don't underestimate snow roof rakes.

Avalanche Snow Roof Rake

The avalanche snow rake is the best rake I've ever used for taking snow of the roof.It's easier to use than any other roof rake I've ever owned.I just purchased this with overnight delivery after getting hit with the "Blizzard of 2009". We ended up with around a foot of snow, but it piled up on the front of our house. We had a problem with ice dams last year, so I wanted to remove the snow before we had to break out the buckets and sponges.

The Avalench Snow Rake is easy to assemble as well.When it comes down to how to remove snow off a roof.This snow rake is the answer.I absolutely love this thing,and my neighbors do as well.This is not a cheap roof rake,and why anyone would want to use a cheap snow rake is betond me.

This is the best snow rake on the market,and hardware stores have been unable to keep them in stock.The best snow roof rake to ever hit the market.They are rated the best snow roof rakes of 2010.

Usage is trivial: assemble to the desired length, unroll the vinyl, put the wheels on the edge of the roof, and slide the frame up the roof.

Oh, and stand back - this product is appropriately named. The snow literally flies down the sheet and off the roof.

Roll the frame back towards you, and repeat on the next section.

You typically only need to go up a few feet to prevent ice dams, but given how easy this was, I probably went up around eight feet.

Another plus: the wheels on the frame will prevent any shingle damage. The avalanche roof rake is amazing.

It didn't have a problem with two-day old snow, which had packed and melted somewhat.This is the best snow rake out there,and I encourage anyone who has to remove snow froms roofs.To get the Avalanche Snow Rake.

Remove Roof Snow With A Snow Rake.

I bought a roof rake for my father a few years ago, and he modified it with some hoops so it wouldn't snag shingles. When I saw the little wheels on this one, I was delighted someone had thought to build that into the rake. I had a chance to use it, and the wheels really do spin. The rake works great, is strong and stable. And I was happy to see its made in the USA.

Roof snow is something we all have to deal with.With this snow rake,you'll also be at ease knowing wour roof won't be damaged because of the wheels this rake has.It's really one of the best tools for removing snow from roofs.This is a 16 foot roof rake.I strongly recommmend this one for removing roof snow.

Snow Removal Roof Rake

For all of you looking for a good roof rake, this is the one. I removed three feet of snow from my roof front and back with this rake and it is still in one piece. I am very happy with this product.

After 20" of snow and a little bit of melting, another storm showed up and left more than 25" additional on my roof! So I ordered the midwest rake and it showed up in 3 days via UPS. The rake is light-weight and easy to use, even with all of that snow on the roof. It is best for use on rancher-style homes, not 2 story homes or higher {buy the extension poles for those }. It was worth every penny.

A great item to have for a snowy winter. Easy to assemble (and store), light weight, very sturdy, this item can handle a big job. Using this product will protect your roof and save your gutters, and eliminate water damage. The price is right. I bought two, one for myself and the other for my son.

20 Foot Snow Shovel Rake

Purchased this roof rake at the end of December due to the heavy snow and ice in New England. Product arrived nicely packaged with all parts included. Assembly was easy. Particularly liked the design with 2 supporting brackets attached from the shovel to the handle. The rake worked as hoped, light-weight but sturdy and a good length. Also pliable enough to bend to the contour of my (addition) roof.

Have used it twice so far and it it very well made, I am confident of its quality.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Snow Roof Rake

It's hard figuring out where to begin when it comes to the importance of a good snow roof rake.If at all possible,a person should always try to get at least the bottom 4 feet of your roof.Rake off the snow after any significant snow fall.This helps prevent ice dams,and also can save your gutters from icing up,and tearing off your house.A snow roof rake will not only save you thousands of dollars in the long run by preventing damage to your roof,and preventing significant ice dams as I mentioned.The structure itself with the continuous weight is also a potential for serious damage.If you make an insurance claim,better be from a single ice/snow storm,or he's gonna deny your claim by pointing out your responsibilty to maintaining your home properly...Don't let snow cause you a headache when it comes to your roof.Get a snow roof rake to your choosing,and do what ya can to remove snow from your roof.They are affordable,cheap...and it'll be 50 bucks that will save you big time down the road.Get that snow of your roof.Remember..always try to get at least the bottom 3-4 feet of your roof with each snow fall.Be safe,and take your time.

Here is some advice from a visitor when it comes to removing snow from roofs with a snow rake.

Snow Roofing Writes....Removing roof snow,now that's something we can all agree upon,is a pain in the you know what (smile)...Removing,and how to shovel your roof safely is never a thing we like to do,but have to do,and most importantly do it right.I make my roof shoveling a pain the the arse just because having to do it,is worthy enough to say it is just that,but I make it easy as possible using the right tools,and not trying to accomplish is all in ten minutes,so that's why.It's time consuming,and that's healthier than making it out to be more physical,than it actually should be.I try to get as much of the snow off my roof as possible.I'd go to the top of my roof if I could,with my aluminum roof rake.It's light weight,but I like staying with a rake 20-25 feet at most,and the reason for that is operating it,without it swinging al over the place.Not only that,but the longer a person has to pull,the heavier that snow feels.Use a step ladder if all possible,make sure it's sturdy,and out of the path of the falling snow that you're pulling off the roof with the snow rake.I know this sounds more demanding,and making it out to shoveling snow off roofs is a for sure heart attack,it is not.Using a ladder is a must for me,and alot of home owners when it comes to this task.It helps by getting a person up closer to the snow on the roof,and thus being closer makes it all that much easier to pull off a roof.Plus,the more snow you get off,the less melt ya have for potential ice dams.When it comes to getting snow off a roof,take it slow,take your time,and take small bites off your roof with the snow rake.Don't kill yourself.Do a little each day if need be,make it a game,and by taking your time looking at it this way,will make it be a chore more time consuming,than anything else.Don't let roof snow get you down.Be a man about it,and get it down off your roof.Especially try to get it soon after the snowfall as possible.Snow compacts in a matter of hours.Not just from it's weight,but the day light.Left there long enough with the right conditions,it can turn to pure ice.Pure ice expands,and that's what makes ice dams especially a damaging thing to your home.This is why getting the most snow off your roof as possible,can save you alot of time,trouble,and cost down the road.Roof snow shoveling is something we all have to take serious,accept it as a pain in the rear end,but remember to do it right....Strategy..:)

Plastic Snow Rake

For very tender roofs it's recommended to use a plastic snow rake when ever possible for removing snow from roofs.A plastic snow rake does help prevent tear,and cuts into your roof surface.Shingles are more acceptable to tears,and cuts when the temperature is below freezing.With the increase in technology these days,the plastic snow rakes can out perform,and end up lasting longer that your average metal rake.If a person can use a metal roof rake,you most certainly can use a plastic snow rake.It's a snow roof rake no home owner should be with out if the circumstances call for it.

All roof rakes now days are telescopic,and collapsible.Some you can add extenions to,or take an extension off depending on the length you need,to more comfortably getting the job done.This item here is a snow plastic rake that can easily compete with any other brand on the market.