Monday, July 11, 2011

Best Digging Shovel

If you're looking for the best digging shovel here it is.It's the best shovel I've ever used when it comes to chores in my garden,or planting new tress.This by far is the best shovel out there.

It's strong,can take abuse..and will last you a life time if you take care of it.I've used it for hardcore gardening and landscaping.Petty much everything except as a crobar. It's got a curve and a point so it's not great for edging, but it will turn up clay and move plenty of dirt.

Very pleased with the Fiskars line of garden tools.You better buy two or don't let your neighbor borrow won't get it back.So this by far is the best digging shovel out there. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Garden Hose Reel

This is one of the best garden hose reels I've ever owned.I picked this hose reel because I wanted something cute and small because it would have to be quite visible on my deck behind the house. I also don't have much storage space in my townhouse so I was resigned to buying a new reel every year and just leaving it outside.

I was very happy when I found the exact duplicate of what I purchased 25 years ago. This is the best hose for the money and it so easy to use. After receiving my new Ames Reel Hose I was able to put a new hose on the old 25 year old Hose King Reel and it has been moved to the side of the house ready for another 25 years.

 It's a simple, fairly lightweight reel. I'm happier than I thought I would be.

 First off, $50 for this is a heck of a bargain. It's a good hose with a very capable reel, and about 4' of connecting hose you can run to the spigot. It connects to the spigot via a quick release valve, which both makes it a cinch to hook up, and easy to move around if you have extra quick-releases.

It has been a pleasure to use, easy to move it to where I need it, winds up easily, and looks so much cleaner than anything else that's portable.

A note about the price: if you compare the cost of a good hose ($50 or more) and a hose reel ($30 or more), this is not a bad deal at all.

Best Garden Hose

I do alot of cleanup with my job.I use a hose about 500 times a year,and have to say this is the best garden hose I've ever used.

This company will replace it free if there is anything wrong with it.So honestly you never have to buy another garden hose again.When they say if you have a problem with your Flexgen hose.Just simply cut off both ends and send them post paid, along with your name, address, and length of the hose to Gilmour.They will send you a new one free.

So not only is the best garden hose.It's the best manufacture of hoses in the world.Heavy duty,and can handle abuse,they never kink and the easiest garden hose to work with.
If you place any hose on concrete and run over it, sooner or later, it will fail. I don't treat my stuff that way.

I just ordered two more Gilmore Flexogen hoses from Amazon to replace another brand that age has made a bit brittle. Good price, free shipping. What's not to like?

I am again a happy gardener. Yes, even in winter you need a garden hose. It has a nice all weather construction, special foamed inner layers and a glossy sealed cover. What I really like about this hose is the Flow Guard Plus collar. When the hose is fully extended, normal hoses will kink at the faucet as you yank on them to get over to that last flower bed. Well, this one will not kink since it has a nice collar on it.

Definately a good investment. Just don't let anyone borrow it.This is the best garden hose out here.With free shipping it even makes it better.