Monday, July 11, 2011

Best Digging Shovel

If you're looking for the best digging shovel here it is.It's the best shovel I've ever used when it comes to chores in my garden,or planting new tress.This by far is the best shovel out there.

It's strong,can take abuse..and will last you a life time if you take care of it.I've used it for hardcore gardening and landscaping.Petty much everything except as a crobar. It's got a curve and a point so it's not great for edging, but it will turn up clay and move plenty of dirt.

Very pleased with the Fiskars line of garden tools.You better buy two or don't let your neighbor borrow won't get it back.So this by far is the best digging shovel out there. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Garden Hose Reel

This is one of the best garden hose reels I've ever owned.I picked this hose reel because I wanted something cute and small because it would have to be quite visible on my deck behind the house. I also don't have much storage space in my townhouse so I was resigned to buying a new reel every year and just leaving it outside.

I was very happy when I found the exact duplicate of what I purchased 25 years ago. This is the best hose for the money and it so easy to use. After receiving my new Ames Reel Hose I was able to put a new hose on the old 25 year old Hose King Reel and it has been moved to the side of the house ready for another 25 years.

 It's a simple, fairly lightweight reel. I'm happier than I thought I would be.

 First off, $50 for this is a heck of a bargain. It's a good hose with a very capable reel, and about 4' of connecting hose you can run to the spigot. It connects to the spigot via a quick release valve, which both makes it a cinch to hook up, and easy to move around if you have extra quick-releases.

It has been a pleasure to use, easy to move it to where I need it, winds up easily, and looks so much cleaner than anything else that's portable.

A note about the price: if you compare the cost of a good hose ($50 or more) and a hose reel ($30 or more), this is not a bad deal at all.

Best Garden Hose

I do alot of cleanup with my job.I use a hose about 500 times a year,and have to say this is the best garden hose I've ever used.

This company will replace it free if there is anything wrong with it.So honestly you never have to buy another garden hose again.When they say if you have a problem with your Flexgen hose.Just simply cut off both ends and send them post paid, along with your name, address, and length of the hose to Gilmour.They will send you a new one free.

So not only is the best garden hose.It's the best manufacture of hoses in the world.Heavy duty,and can handle abuse,they never kink and the easiest garden hose to work with.
If you place any hose on concrete and run over it, sooner or later, it will fail. I don't treat my stuff that way.

I just ordered two more Gilmore Flexogen hoses from Amazon to replace another brand that age has made a bit brittle. Good price, free shipping. What's not to like?

I am again a happy gardener. Yes, even in winter you need a garden hose. It has a nice all weather construction, special foamed inner layers and a glossy sealed cover. What I really like about this hose is the Flow Guard Plus collar. When the hose is fully extended, normal hoses will kink at the faucet as you yank on them to get over to that last flower bed. Well, this one will not kink since it has a nice collar on it.

Definately a good investment. Just don't let anyone borrow it.This is the best garden hose out here.With free shipping it even makes it better.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Wet Vac

There has been flooding all over this state,and I'm also aware of flooding pretty much everywhere where there is a river near by.

I put this cheeper model up,because it's just as good as a wet vac as the expensive ones.

So if you're looking for the best wet vac for the money,then check out this model.The reviews don't lie,and I'd recommend this shop vac to anyone.

It's a 6 gallon,and that's all a person needs.Going for a bigger capacity just makes it all that much more difficult to lift,and empty.So don't buy one larger.Water is heavy,and you'll be thankful having a wet vac that is easy to empty.

I can't stress that enough.I've been helping with flooded out basements all my life.I use this size,,and this model because it's easy to use.

This is a 6 gallon wet vac.For God's sake don't go larger.Water is heavy,and many of us don't lift 5 gallon gallon buckets full of water on a regular basis.So take my word.This medium sized one is the way to go.

If things are that bad,then get a bilge pump.Having a bigger wet vac don't make getting the water out of basement any easier.We can only lift so much.So don't hur you back at the same time.

This is a wet vac the proffesionals use.If you're a home owner doing flood clean up.Stick with the 6 gallon wet vacs.Beleieve me,after emptying a wet vac several times you'll be thankful if it's one 6 gallons or less.A higher capicty one just gets to dam heavy.

I'd recommend this wet vac to anyone.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

I've had a metal dectector for many years now.I do admit,I've run out of places to go dig up a quarter,but it sure has come in use for many other projects.

Not that I recommend buying one just because you need to find a lost set of car keys in a snowbank,or locating a pipe line underground.But they sure do come in handy when a person needs one.

A relative of mine lost her engagment ring about 30 years ago,and when she found out I had a bounty hunter metal detector.She mentioned her lost ring,that fell off her finger while she was out in the yard doing some gardening.

It took me a few hours digging up every junk target ih her yard,but I found it.I assure you I am still a hero to this day.

Now if you're just starting out,and interested in metal detecting.Don't go overboard buying a several hundred dollar one.Many dealers will try talking you into buying something in the $1000.00 range.

Sad to say,most people who purchase a metal detector only use the thing a couple times,and there it sits.Never to be used again.So start out with a cheeper one,and if the hobby takes root in your blood.Then upgrade to a more powerful one.

It's really not power that determines a metal detector,some are just a little better at filtering out the junk targets.

So even the most cheepest metal detector can target anything the more expensives one's can,you just might have to dig up a few more bottle caps is all.

Now the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector is a good detector,and my opinion is it's just as good as the expensive ones,and gives them a run for their money.

In truth it's one of the most popular brands of metal detectors out there,and I can't tell you how many times I run into others using one,while I'm out with my detector.They swear by it,and love it.

So if you're looking to buy a metal detector online.Go with the "Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors"..It's great for beginners,and experienced alike.
I'd recommend this metal detector to everyone who's interested in un-earthing something from the ground.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa

If you've never put much thought into being able to afford a hot tub.Then take a look at this spa that will be delivered right to your door.

The "Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa" is a hot tub you'll be happy to own.I'm going on 2 years now with mine and have not had any problems with it.

This hot tub weighs only 355 pounds when delivered to your door.I ad mine in a weeks time,and had the plumber install it.Like I said it works great!!

I love the waterfall with this one.The jets are perfect and have done wonder on my back.The warranty is wonderful,so rest assured on that.I've had to call customer service asking them what's the best thing to clean my hot tub with..and they were so helpful.I am in heaven everytime I use it.

I decided to wait a couple months before I reviewed this tub..and have to say this is the best hot tub out there.

Like I said this is a great hot tub.It heats up great and the jets have plenty of power.So if you're looking to where to buy a hot tub the Lifesmart Hot Tubs are the best.

Garden Tillers For Sale

If you're looking for garden tillers for sale here is a good one that I'd recommend to anyone.I use the garden tiller for my vegetable garden as well in my flower beds.

Thi is an electric garden tiller and you don't have to worry about the gas & oil part of it when using it.Also that makes a great feature for the fall when you want to put it away for the winter.

If you got an average to medium sized garden this is the cultivator for you.

I've received alot of e-mails asking where can I find the best garden tillers for sale.

Well this is it.An electric cultivator that won't let you down.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

14 Foot Tree Pruner

Now these are tree saws every home owner should have to keep a person's trees in check.

They work so well for cutting branches and limbs.A pole saw saves a person alot of money down the road when trees left un pruned get large and start causing problems for houses,powerlines and shading flower beds.

A good tree pruner is a thing to have.They are called by various names.Some call them a pole saw.Some a tree saw etc.

I Highly Recommend this product to anyone who has a lot of trees in their yard. Beats paying lots of money for someone to come and trim your tree for you.

This tree trimmer really does what's expected of it.It cuts and it saws.

I bought this to prune and remove branches from the trees on my farm here.Use it properly and this tool does the job.You might have to make a few adjustments to it to make it right for you.

This is the best tree pruner in my book.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Solar Garden Lights

These things are nice.To place them along your sidewalk not only looks beautiful,but it also adds a little extra light for your walking path.They are just as beautiful,as is good as they work.

They put of a blueish light and I like it better than the white light.

These are way better than those other solar garden lights that don't put off much light.

I think Sunforce puts out the best solar garden lights on the market.

We've even brought this camping to light the paths around the campsite at night,and incase someone has to go to the bathroom during the night.These garden lights put off just enough light to make doing things in the dark all that much more easier.

So if you're looking for some solar yard lights here they are..:)

Picnic Table Delivered With Free Shipping

I have bought two of these free shipping picnic tables.I put one in the back yard,and put the other one out in the front yard under the pine tree incase I'm not in the mood to be sitting in the sun.

These are the best picnic tables for me.They are portable and are also folding incase one wants to store them in the winter,but I lave mine set up,and outside all year round here in Minnesota.

They take about a half hour to assemble,and don't overly tighten the screws at first.That's a tip for when assembling them.

But like I said..we don't fold it up and store it.So it doe get rained on,and snowed on.If it ever gets dirty I just hose it off.These are really great heavy duty picnic tables.Easy to move around the yard,and not as heavy as those old wooden ones.They are just as strong though,and these will last longer cause they won't rot like wood does.

I'd also like to say that this is a strong picnic table.I weigh,and the rest of my family weigh in the 240 pound range.We've all sat at this picnic table many times ove the year,and I even sit on top of it regularly.This really is a heavy duty picnic table.

Another thing I like about it.Is you can consider this one also a portable picnic table.We pack it up when we head out to the fram,or where ever a gathering is taking place,and brig it along with us.It's a light weight picnic table that's just as strong as those old wooden ones like I mentioned earlier.

Also..if you're a person who don't like to leave the picnic table outside over the winter.This one is great for that.It's a folding picnic table that can even hang on a wall in the garage or basement.

This is a picnic table free shipping special.Delivered right to your door for free.

Heavy Duty Digging Shovel

This is the best digging shovel out there for an adult.

It's strong and won't break like so many other of the cheep shovels you see out there.You get what you pay for when it comes to a god garden shovel.Also known as a spade shovel.

This is a long handle digging shovel that's great for gardening.Digging deep holes.Whether you're digging for oil,or digging up dinasaur bones this digging shovel will get the job done.

It's a srong shovel like I said,and it won't break easy.This one should lst you a life time,and believe me..I've used 100's of garden shovels in my day.This is a good one that won't let you down.

This is a steel shovel.So it's heavy,strong..and almost like a steel bar.So if you're looking for a heavy duty garden shovel this is it.

I'd recommed this digging shovel to all gardeners and serious landscapers such as myself.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best Post Hole Digger

This is the best post hole digger I've ever used.

I've put in miles of fence in my lifetime and have tried several different types of post hole diggers and can say, without a doubt, that these are the best on the market.

 This Fiskars Post Hole Digger even goes through small roots and cuts them with ease while digging.

I also like the price.So if you're looking for the best post hole digger out there.This beyond a doubt is the one.

Best Lawn Fertilizer

When it comes to the best lawn fertilizer I'd have to say that the Scotts Lawn Pro is the best stuff.

Crabgrass is one of the biggest things when it comes to a lawn struggling to set in.Crabgrass comes in and reallt does a number.

So get a bag and try it out on a section on your lawn.Read the directions and see for yourself that this stuff is the best lawn fertilizer out there.

They say once a lawn is healthy enough,it really helps stopping the bad weeds on their own.Use this Scotts Lawn Pro to get it off to a good start.

I have not until recently started to care about my lawn.In alot of cases it takes a couple of years to get it healthy.

Start with this lawn fertilizer.You'll be glad you did,and it will help jumpstart your lawn getting it back thick & healthy again.

Paint Brushes For Houses

I saved mine,and cleaned them up to use again for another time.

These are good brushes for indoor painting as well.They also make great outdoor paint brushes.

I had alot of indoor & outdoor projects and just bought this set.It comes with a couple smaller sized brushes for well for detail.

So if you're looking for some good paint brushes.Here they are.The price is right as well.

Black & Decker Rechargable Lawn Mower.

The best lawn mower I've ever used. Assembly took less than 5 minutes from the box. It took only 2 bolts and 4 nuts to completely assemble.

The is a lawn mower free shipping special.

The mower is lightweight and is so easy to push or pull. You can easily adjust the cutting height with one lever instead of having to adjust each wheel one at a time. You only need to push a button and pull back the lever to start this mower. I never realized using a lawn mower would be so easy.I was hesitant at first,but I love this one better than the gas fueled ones.

I also like the fact that while cutting it releases zero emissions and runs quietly. It is also easy to re-charge the mower when finished.

 Another plus is the fact that I no longer need to transport gasoline inside vehicle. My car doesn't have a trunk so I always had to put the gas can in the back seat floorboard, and smell gas in the car for the next few days.

This is a great lawn mower for those who want something simple,and that does a great job mowing the yard.

I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the gas anymore,and glad I have something that will always start.

I've never had a problem with this mower,and would recommend to anyone.It's the best lawn mower I've ever used.The black & decker lawn mower has great reviews.I researched alot,and this mower speaks for itself.

Bagless Vacume Cleaner

If you're looking for a good bagless vacume cleaner.Here ya go.

This is the Shark Navigator Bagless Vacume Cleaner.

I've had mine 2 years now and could never be happier with it.

It has a 2 cup dust filter that's washable.You'll save money in the long run with this vacume because you don't need to buy bags for it,or replace filters.It will pay for itself with just that.

I didn't buy it for that though.I purchased this bagless vacume cleaner because it sucks up dirt & dust like no other vacume I've ever used.

If you're looking for one of the best vacume cleaners out there.This is one of them.

Also free shipping with this one.A good bagless vacume cleaner that's right for the money.

Good Wheelbarrow For Yard Work

This is the large wheelbarrow I use for the bigger sized yard projects that I do.

It's light,and strong and I've moved tons of rock,soil,and mulch with it.

It's nice having a garden wheelbarrow one can throw their tools in,and set out across the yard to get something accomplished.

This one takes about 45 minutes to assemble,and the directions are easy.

Another good thing about this garden wheelbarrow is it's not hard on the back like the others I've used.

This one should last you a lifetime.Take care of it each winter,and put it away.It's a good investment to have.I know some of of use wheelbarrows more often than others,but these things are good to have around.I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've borrowed it to friends & family.

I'd have to say the ames true temper 6 cubic feet.Is the best wheelbarrow I've ever used.

The Best Garden Hose

If you're wondering what the best garden hose is.Look no further.

This is the ultimate 100 foot garden hose.8-ply material, brass hardware connections, and known as one of the best garden hoses on the market.

What I like best about the gimour hoses is they don't kink.

Hoses that kink end up cracking sooner than the 8 ply hoses like this 100 footer.

The Gilmour makes 50 foot hoses too.

All I have to this hose don't kink as much,or nearly as bad as the rest of them.I have to drag & move my garden house through out the yard sometimes several times a day,because I have various garden and vegeatble beds through out my yard.

I never thought I'd review garden hoses,but after using them alot in the later years in my life.A person ends up appreciating something that works.

Anyways..this is a good hose for those that take their yard work and equipment serious.

I got tired of replacing hoses every 2-3 years cause of cracks/kinks etc...Going on 5 years now with this 100 foot garden hose.

I guess my main point is working in the yard can be a pain at times.I just got tired of fighting with my old garden hose,and it just made yard work all that much more unenjoyable.Sometime ya just want to get out there,and get done what needs to get done.Have a screwed up hose to work with made many a days a pain..When in truth I love working in the yard..But a bad hose can ruin anyone's day.

Best garden hose in my opinion.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Window Cleaning Kit

This is the window cleaning kit my parents use.It comes with an extenion pole and with a ladder we got all our windows cleaned.Even the 2 story windows.

Spring is usually the time alot of use wash the windows.It's a yearly thing most all of us do to keep them clean.

The tools and some windex and the right cleaning supplies is all you need.

So if you're looking for a god window cleaning kit.This is a good one for the money.This kit is just as good as the more expensive window cleaning kits out there.

I like th squeegee that comes with this kit and the sponge cleaners.Everything is here for window washing.

Presure Washer With Hose

I bought this washer because a friend of mine bought it,and watched the thing in action, and if I ever had any problems I know AR North has a great customer service department. I haven't had any issues to call them about, it's just nice to know they are there and are helpful.

Where I live we get a lot of mold on everything in the summer,and dirt at times. I have washed my house vinyl siding and my driveway a couple times a year just to keep them looking clean.

I also wash my outdoor furniture.There is a turbo wand that comes with it that works great for cleaning out door chairs that have vinyl tape on the seats and backs.I wash the sidewalk and the bird bath when that gets filthy.

I would guess I have used the washer for 100 of cleaning now,and all I can say is I love it.

I am 100% satisfied with the performance of this pressure washer with hose. If I compare its cost with having someone clean my house and sidewalks it has paid for itself many times over.

You'll be very happy with the AR Pressure Washers.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wet & Dry Vac Free Shipping

Now this wet vac has plenty of suction and power.It comes with extra tools as well for specific types of clean up.

This wet vac also has a blower.

It's easy to move around because it has some good wheels.

We bought this wet vacume because sometimes are basement can flood in the spring,or after alot of rain.

You can use it for wood dust,dirt and whatever type of heavy duty clean up you need to get done.

This is a great price and this is also a wet vac free shipping right to your door.

With after all the snow we had this year,and if we get alot of spring rain.It's a good idea every basement or garage has a wet vac on hand.Half the time I use mine it's some kind of emergency.

These things really do come in hady.Basements flood and pipes can break.

If you do alot of projects in the garage or basement.These things are also nice to have as a clean up tool.The big hose can suck up larger chunks of waste with out clogging.It makes cleaning up so easy using a big power hose sucking everything up.

This one is called Shop-Vac and it's a Wet or Dry Vacuum with Detachable Blower.It has a 12-Gallon.

This is the perfect size wet & dry vac.You don't want them to big,else they can get heavy if you're using it to suck up water.A 12 gallon tank is perfect.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tools Delivered

Winter is just about over,and it won't be long now that many start putting their roof rakes away for the years.

I'd like to share a link to the Electronic & Tools section for sales.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Aluminum Snow Roof Rake

This is a good aluminum snow roof rake by Garelick.

This is the 21 foot snow rake that my cousin uses for his 2 story home.It's light enough if one is careful to use on a ladder.

It's light weight like I said,and if ya take care of it will last a life time.Remember never to over do it when roof raking.Take small bites,and be careful.It's more safe for your body,and safer for your home.

If you're looking for a aluminum snow rake go with this model.It's a good rake at a good price.I live up here in Ely Minnesota so I know what I'm talking about.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

20 Foot Snow Rakes

These 20 foot snow rakes are still in stock.The Suncast Snow rakes are the top selling tools when it come to chore of removing roof snow.These 20 foot rakes are usually more than enough in length to get the job done.

Recored snow fall amounts have made the demand on these snow removal tools peak like never before.All across the country the weight of snow is starting to threaten alot of home.

Please buy one now,because by the end of the week we will no longer have any more roof rakes in stock.Every place is sold out,and I assure you it won't be till this smmer you'll be able to find one.

So where to buy a snow rake delivered is right here.The suncast roof rakes are heavy-duty,light,and do a great job removing roof snow.

This item is still in stock.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nordvik Snow Rake

This snow rake is also still in stock.By the end of the week there will be no more snow rakes in stock.So if you're wondering where to buy a snow rake.You better buy one before they are all gone.

This rake here is a 15 foot snow rake.

Who Still Has Snow Rakes?

Snow rakes are selling out all over the country.

This snow joe 21 foot rake is available.

Scroll down for the avalanche rake,that one is a bit longer.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Roof Rakes For Snow Removal

Looks like we're going to have another foot of snow over the weekend here in Minnesota.Shoveling the driveway is the hard part,but when a person has roof rakes for snow removal like the one I got.That ends up being the easiest part now,and just last year was the hardest part removing that unrelenting roof snow.

Tools for removing snow from roofs have come a long way the last couple of years.The most interesting roof rake has been the avalanche snow rake that's really easy to use.

The only effort a person has to put into this thing is being able to ligt the rake,and just push it up the roof.A roof rake with wheels that protects the roof from tears,or scratches like some of those other roof rakes.

So if you're looking for snow rakes for roof snow removal.Then check out the Avalanche Drift Buster 550.It's an investment every home owner should do.When it comes to the best reviews of snow rakes,the Avalanche beats them all.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Roof Snow Rakes

Roof snow rakes are getting better every year with those who design a roof rake.

Here is the avalanche rake and it really is a good tool for getting the snow of roofs.It's a light rake easy to use,and this roof rake also protects your roof.It's a snow rake with wheels that slide up your roof with ease,and the snow slides down the plastic sheet.

When it come to roof snow rakes the avalanche rake for snow is the best.Shoveling snow off roofs is a thing for yesterday.The new snow rakes are the best,and this design here is the snow rake on sale that's right for the budget,will last for years.and so light in weight that even gids can use it.

I'm up there in age,and with these "roof snow rakes" you push,instead of pulling off your roof.

If you're looking where to buy a snow rake online.Then here ya go.This will be delivered to your door,and it will be easier than buying it from a target.Or even better yet a target.So if you were looking to buy a wallmart snow rake,and they were out,or you were looking into home depot snow rakes.It's really easier buying it online,same price,less hassle.

When it comes to removing snow from roofs the snow rake by avalanche is a good one.

Snow raking roofs is alot easier when you have the right tools for removing roof snow.

This is the Drift Buster 550.It really does a great job on that snow roof powder that seems to get all of us home owners.

The Avalanche 550 Drift Buster has been the best selling,and has the best snow rake reviews in the U.S.A.

When it comes to snow rakes with wheels this is the best rake for snow removal.

The snowiest month of the year is Febuary and March for alot of us.Get that white stuff off your house,and get a roof snow rake to save you from future trouble down the road.Save your gutters,and save your roof.

Prevent ice dams by removing snow from roof before they happen.Every year I see houses that neglect to shovel their roof.It's not a question on how to shovel your roof.It's getting that snow off that counts even if you have to scoop it off with your hands.

Snow roof rakes for snow removal are a must.So learn how to remove snow from roofs.Use this tool to get the job done.Believe me.After using the avalanch snow rakes you realize that it's alot easier "removing snow from roofs than you thought".